If you want to live a good life, achieve your dreams and feel fulfilled, self-confidence is what matters most.

I help women who struggle to feel good enough, believe in their value and abilities and put themselves forward, with a combination of inner work and smart tools. My work is aimed to help you increase your self-awareness and overcome the self-doubts that keep you stuck. Want to get started?

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Confidence From Within

Confidence from Within

Dealing with self-doubts can be challenging. With this free digital workbook, you’ll learn a technique that you can use anytime.

This workbook has been created exactly for those moments, when you are called to do something that takes courage and confidence and you don’t feel that confident. Maybe you keep imagining what could happen. And you feel like you can’t control your body, your voice, your face. You are looking for a tool that can help you to get rid of those feelings and just be cool. Feeling easy, relaxed, naturally confident. That’s the tool for you.

When you’ll have finished working with it:

  • You will be aware about which aspect of the situation was worrying for you
  • You’ll have a realistic vision of how you are going to succeed
  • You’ll have accessed your resources to build up a strong confidence
  • You’ll have identified your next steps

To Do Love List


If you struggle to love yourself the way you are, this workbook is for you.

If you believe that you are not good enough, if you keep putting other people’s needs first and never find time for yourself, this is the perfect tool to stop waiting and start starting. If you are tired of treating yourself as if you were worth less but you don’t know where to start, start here. Because using this digital workbook is easy, free and it makes a concrete difference.

When you’ll have finished working with it:

  • You will have a list of good reasons for which you are worth of love and belonging – because that’s the truth, just waiting for you to recognise it
  • You will be committed to stop procrastinating and start loving yourself doing baby steps
  • You will have created your special love list to put things in place and start enjoying your life right now