Do you struggle to put yourself forward and be seen in your business? Are you afraid of failing or even being visible?

You are a woman entrepreneur with big dreams and the desire to make a difference — whether it’s through a business, or an artistic or personal project, you are determined to make an impact.

You are passionate, inspired, and serious about working for something meaningful — and being successful at it.

But something is holding you back: you struggle to put yourself forward in business and attract the clients you deserve (and make the money your work is worth). You waste too much energy battling with perfectionism, procrastination, fear of failure, and fear of visibility.

The result? Your business isn’t growing. You feel stuck by holding yourself back all the time. You don’t take the opportunities to put your business forward, you avoid giving that talk that could attract the right clients, and you even avoid asking for the business. And later? You blame yourself. Or those women entrepreneurs who manage to put themselves forward and get your clients.

I know how it feels. Starting your business brings a complete new set of fears, something you haven’t even experienced before. And suddenly you find yourself questioning if you should go ahead or just get a job. The negative self-talk is having a party in your head.

We all have stuff in our business that makes us feel less confident, less comfortable, less — us. We can get caught up in a ball of confusion, when what we really want is clarity and confidence to act fast and act for our best interests. Sound familiar?


  • Struggle to put yourself forward and be seen — you avoid giving that talk or publishing that article that could give you the visibility you deserve — and attract the clients you want.
  • Feel stressed at the idea of standing up for your ideas and letting everyone know about your business.
  • Work hard on all the other stuff (your website, logo, or business cards) but avoid the networking events that could put you directly in front of your clients.

Before I spoke with Diana I wasn’t sure how to proceed and was feeling stuck. She carefully and sensitively guided me through the steps to pick apart the issue, and even when I felt I was hitting blocks I couldn’t get through, she would find a way to guide me around them. I now feel confident I know the steps I need to move forward and tackle the issue Diana has helped me with. I would highly recommend working with her – if you don’t know where to turn next, she will certainly give you the confidence you’re looking for to move forward.
Joanna Shock, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

I can help.

I’ve been there and I know how it feels to have big ideas and even bigger dreams, along with feeling held back by an unsupportive mindset, negative self-talk, and those fears that creep in just at the wrong time.

I know those fears and how they line up in your mind: Fear of failure. Fear of being visible and not mattering. Fear of being rejected. Even fear of being successful and having to guarantee great results. Because this is your reputation we’re talking about. I get how scary this can be. It’s totally normal to procrastinate, but procrastination won’t help you move forward. And neither will another marketing course. If you’re dealing with mindset blocks, this is what you need to address. The rest is pure logistics.

You need the right mindset to put yourself forward and succeed. You need to feel comfortable in your new shoes so others can feel comfortable and trust you — and your business. It’s about feeling confident and brave enough to show up and dare to ask for the business. You don’t need a job — you need courage.

I loved the Brave It Out workbook! I had so many ah-ha’s! The coaching session with Diana helped me to make a difficult decision (seriously… she’s amazing!). Ultimately, this helped me to feel lighter and more at ease knowing that I am finally doing what’s in my heart and being true to myself. I’m truly excited for what is to come and I know this is the best decision for me even through the fear.
Cristina, Entrepreneur, United States

The Brave It Out Package is here to help you to tackle your fears and transform them into courage. 

This is how it works: first, you get more clarity about your fears with the Brave It Out workbook. Then we virtually meet and have a two-hour coaching session to turn those fears into courage. After working with me on the Brave It Out Package you will: 

  • Have more clarity about the fears you’re facing and how to overcome them successfully.
  • Feel empowered and relieved, knowing that those fears are unmasked and won’t stop you anymore.
  • Be empowered and able to answer the negative self-talk every time it shows up.
  • Know how to build courage and go after your dreams.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?

I had a Brave It Out session with Diana and I just want to tell you what an amazing job she does! She helped me shift my perspective on something i was really struggling with, reframed my shame about it and left me with so much more hope & possibilities! Plus, she helped me to validate even more that my business niche is working! Thank you so much Diana!
Gwen Orwiler, Entrepreneur, United States

Book your Brave It Out Package now. Let’s get to work on what’s holding you back.

Coaching Session
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