What my clients say about our work together

Before Confidence from the Core my life was missing the speed of decisions and next steps, that I actually gained during the program. The modules were very practical, the exercises really useful and I loved having the breaks between the sessions to go out and live what I had learned. The combination of coaching and actual exercises was really great. Plus, the coaching sessions were very inspiring and encouraging: I got a great amount of one-to-one attention. Working with Diana is truly inspiring and encouraging. Diana is someone who makes me look beyond the surface. She is authentic, passionate for what she does, flexible, caring and a great listener. The outcome one gets from this coaching program is invaluable. Keep doing it, Diana, you are very good at it!
Ilze, Business Development Manager, Latvia, Switzerland

Confidence from the Core was my first experience with coaching and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with Diana. Before joining the coaching program, I was really negative about myself and my confidence. I felt stuck. I didn’t pass some job interviews and I was feeling sad and hurt. I was comparing myself all the time to other “better” colleagues and I was feeling not good enough. I was even feeling anger at work. I knew I wanted to do something for my self-confidence. With Diana, I got a great amount of one-to-one attention. Diana is so caring and patient. She always asks deeper, challenging questions. What’s special about her is the personal care. She is not just theory. She is flexible and adapted to my goals, based on my needs and where I am in that coaching session. Also, she is approachable and friendly, as opposed to some coaches that may seem goddess. I loved the coaching sessions and I also enjoyed the coaching exercises, they were great and I always felt empowered while doing them. Every session was challenging since her method is to ask questions and break down everything into smaller understandable pieces. It was very helpful as I was not being told what I should be doing. Rather, by asking questions, she guided me to realise/remember who I am, what my values are, and how to go about living a life that is aligned with my values.

As a result of the program, I feel much more powerful. The first biggest impact is that I finally feel my worth and value and they don’t depend on my performances or physical aspect. They are just there. I love myself regardless of my achievements.  The second biggest impact is that I learnt to be honest about my feelings, to acknowledge them and to realise that they give me some information. And then, I can decide how to act on that information. The third biggest impact is that I am also much more aware of my thinking and judgments. I have some strategies to give myself positive talks when negative voices come. I realize that I can be distanced from them and just observe them and replace them with positive thoughts. Finally, this work allowed me to get a big promotion and advance in my career. Now, I put myself forward in a competitive, male-dominated work environment and I’m not afraid anymore. I feel more confident every day. I’ve surely received a great value and even more than what I expected!
Mary, Scientist & Researcher, Iran, Switzerland

Confidence from the Core and most importantly Diana has made a real difference for me and I would encourage anyone doubting in self to try it and to work with her. In fact I have already recommended the program to friends and colleagues.
Diana has such a great attention to a person, even via Skype she is able to make a true connection, listen and guide you to success.
The exercises she created provide the structure and are great prompt to self reflect and dig deeper. What I appreciate is the availability of the exercises: during the program online in Evernote and also that they stay available to me.
I joined the program feeling stuck, questioning self and my abilities, asking whether I was good enough. At the completion of the program I feel empowered, more confident and full of energy. And it’s been noticed by my surrounding too. I get great feedback in my professional and private life, I achieve more and I am happy. Thank you so much Diana!
Ola Potrykus-Majewska, Human Resources Manager, Poland, Switzerland

I really want to say thank you because, even if I know that coaching is your job, I feel you’re doing more than what other coaches do or what you’re only supposed to do. You’re really helping me. You are an amazing coach and honestly, you’re an inspiration for me. I consider you like a goddess. My ambition is to become a talented coach like you. You have got this talent that is beyond just coaching. Thank you.
Sophie, Entrepreneur, Switzerland

I had the privilege of working with Diana for over a year, and highly recommend her. When we started working together, my business was barely in its infancy, and Diana helped me both strengthen my niche and develop confidence in my ability to have a successful business. Her style is such that I could feel safe when engaging with her even as she challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. I found her to be exceptionally patient as well, since due to circumstances I progressed at an uneven pace. In our time together she helped me build my confidence both personally and professionally, and I’ve used what I learned from her in both arenas.
Tara, Entrepreneur, United States

Thank you for everything you did for me, for how you accompanied me and adapt your coaching to my needs. I really want to thank you for your insights, suggestions and for your patience. Thank you for not having let me demotivate and give up on my goal, my career shift from being an employee to an independent artist. When I started coaching I didn’t expect to receive all this. Now I did what I had postponed for years: my personal website with my work, my philosophy and why I do what I do. Now I feel free to put myself out there and get people to know my work. Thanks to our work together, now I know how to motivate myself, to deal with the negative self-talk and to not take criticisms personally. I’m finally able to recall the supporting inner voices, including yours. Thank you for everything.
Mauro, Author and film editor, Italy, Switzerland

Diana, reading your words is so healing. It warms my heart.
Lilia, Trader, France, Switzerland

I just want to thank you for your coaching. The coaching sessions we had were very instructive for me. The changes are now visible in my everyday life. And I’m very grateful because I don’t know if I’d have ever dared to start this inner work without you.
Constance, Legal expert, France, Switzerland

Thank you Diana! The work we do together is astounding and I’m extremely happy of working with you.
Fabienne, Marketing and communication director, Switzerland

I’m very happy I started this coaching partnership and I found you as my coach! I feel lucky to have a coach like you. Thank you for everything you do and for your engagement. I love our collaboration!
Stéphanie, Employee in an NGO, Switzerland

I had a Brave It Out session with Diana and I just want to tell you what an amazing job she does! She helped me shift my perspective on something i was really struggling with, reframed my shame about it and left me with so much more hope & possibilities! Plus, she helped me to validate even more that my business niche is working! Thank you so much Diana!
Gwen Orwiler, Entrepreneur, United States

Thanks for all your support. You are one of the best things that happened to me in the last months, probably in my whole life. You are more competent, effective and organised than most of the people I’ve ever worked with. I will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues!
Helena Rodriguez, Communication Specialist, Spain, Switzerland

Diana is a highly energetic and caring coach. She brings her professional experiences in to her coaching which helps the client move forward. She is direct and experienced. She is firm and empathic. She asked me difficult questions and made me think of other ways to look at a situation. Diana’s own experiences reflected in the way she directed my own thinking, which were extremely helpful. Thanks to our coaching partnership, I learnt that I have limitations and gifts and should accept and explore them where they will give the most impact. Today I am able to look at opportunities in ways that are compatible with the next stage of my self-awareness.
Trishia Lichauco, Human Resources Manager, United States

Before I spoke with Diana I wasn’t sure how to proceed and was feeling stuck. She carefully and sensitively guided me through the steps to pick apart the issue, and even when I felt I was hitting blocks I couldn’t get through, she would find a way to guide me around them. I now feel confident I know the steps I need to move forward and tackle the issue Diana has helped me with. I would highly recommend working with her – if you don’t know where to turn next, she will certainly give you the confidence you’re looking for to move forward.
Joanna Shock, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

Before starting Confidence from the Core I was at a very low point in my life and my self confidence was also really low. I had hit rock bottom. I wanted to start my career as a professional musician but something was holding me back. Then I decided to enrol in the coaching program and I’m really happy with what I received.

The exercises were very helpful, especially the one on self acceptance and how to deal with the negative self-talk. I learnt how to deal with these talks that were taking so much energy and today I have more control over them. I learnt to accept and forgive myself. The programme gives you the opportunity to work on yourself by yourself and realise things about yourself on your own. That in itself is empowering. And I especially loved the one on one sessions after finishing each module. I felt I received a great amount of one on one attention.

Diana is very compassionate which is very comforting. She is also a solution-oriented person, which helps to focus on how to make change happen. Honestly, it all worked well for me. The biggest changes I see in my self is that I have learned to let go of the things I cannot change and forgive and accept myself for who I am. And finally, this empowered me to concretely start my career as a professional musician!
Tracy September, Professional Musician, South Africa, Switzerland

Before starting Confidence from the Core, I wasn’t aware of my feelings and I had the constant impression of being not good enough. I found myself in the wrong work environments and I put pressure on myself to change and become like others.
During the program I discovered myself and the different strategies I used to feel small and stupid. I have the feeling that I learnt so much about who I am, what is important to me – and what’s not – and as a result now I dare to take my decisions, to feel my feelings and take my life in my own hands.
I am very satisfied about this coaching program. The amount of one-to-one attention was great. I especially liked the feedback when you went trough my exercises on the modules. It was like an eye-opener to see hidden details that I missed. The Coaching Journal is also an important help for the work with myself. I liked the combination of exercises and sessions. The sessions were very intense and helpful. Also, I felt understood as you went through a similar process. You are very flexible, empathetic and kind and I appreciated this a lot.
Martha, Human Resources Manager, Germany, Switzerland

I loved the Brave It Out workbook! I had so many ah-ha’s! The coaching session with Diana helped me to make a difficult decision (seriously… she’s amazing!). Ultimately, this helped me to feel lighter and more at ease knowing that I am finally doing what’s in my heart and being true to myself. I’m truly excited for what is to come and I know this is the best decision for me even through the fear.
Cristina, Entrepreneur, United States

Diana, thank you so so much, you’re a star! Your words are SO healing to read.
Caroline, Entrepreneur, Netherlands

Diana, you’re a superb coach, very practical, down to earth and without frills.
Celine, Entrepreneur, Malta, Switzerland

Diana, thanks for the extraordinary session! I’m so glad I can work with such an engaged, professional and generous coach like you. Bravo! I am happy I can work with you and I am convinced you will guide me through this important transition in my life. Thank you again for your support and listening.
Laya, Trader, France, Switzerland

Thank you so much for this amazing coaching session, wow, I’m impressed by your talent as a coach!
Stéphanie, Entrepreneur, Switzerland

Thank you so much Diana for your coaching! In some minutes you helped me to have some powerful realisations. I’m impressed by your talent as a coach! Keep doing what you do!
Claire, Human Resources Manager, Switzerland

Diana, I saw you speak at the PowerHouse Zürich and thought you were great. Just the right mix of personal experience, relaxed style and professionalism. Thanks!
Lindsey, Compliance Manager, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Before joining the Confidence from the Core Coaching Program, I was stuck and I felt that I couldn’t really move forward, especially with the project of creating my own business. I wanted to get enough confidence to start with it and also, some tools to work on my self-esteem that I could use today and in the future. Then, I attended the ‘Confidence from the Core’ coaching program, which I found to be the perfect combination of online worksheets with coaching exercises and personal coaching sessions on Skype. The worksheets are created in a way that really challenges your thoughts and makes you reflect upon your current situation; something which the exercises will help you change and improve. Throughout the coaching sessions you will experience what a brilliant coach Diana is: professional, yet extremely down to earth and pleasant to talk to. She knows exactly how you feel and how to guide you in the right direction and there is no doubt how much she really wants to help you. I got a lot of one-on-one attention and that was awesome: it is like having your own personal cheerleader! I truly enjoyed the program and after having done it I feel that I am in a different stage of my life. I’ve learned how to challenge my negative self-talk and I’ve increased my confidence so much that I finally started my business that I’ve wanted to create for years. Diana, thank you so much! Highly recommended!
Irene, Entrepreneur, Sweden, Italy

I met Diana, thanks to her generosity, to know more about coaching in general and had no clear intention of starting a coaching program. In that first meeting, it didn’t take long for me to understand that somehow I had hit a lucky strike with such serendipitous encounter and that I should not let that opportunity go away. I was feeling lost and stuck, wanted to change my career but wasn’t sure what I should do and how to proceed.

Throughout our sessions, Diana has helped me at different levels. On a professional level, discovering what moves me and accepting that there is no point in resisting a change when a change is what is needed. On a personal level, by empowering me with tools to better understand my behaviour patterns, how to modulate them to my benefit and to treat myself with kindness.
I can feel the difference that Diana has made in my life – I feel happy, confident, with more self knowledge and awareness.  And this helped me to make an informed and smart career change.
Diana is insightful, kind and very intelligent. That ability to both listen and ask the right question at the right moment, means that she will always find the way to make you discover your own path. And that, is truly a precious talent!
Mariana Ricca, Scientist & Researcher, Portugal, Switzerland

When I joined the Confidence from the Core Coaching Program, I was struggling with some important decisions in my life and I needed more confidence to face them positively. The program helped me in getting clarity, finding that positiveness, plus it gave me helpful strategies to enable ‘positive decision making’ in every aspects of my life. I got a lot of one-on-one attention and that was awesome! I must say that the modules are well structured and enjoyable, the tips and strategies very beneficial, concrete and easy to use in everyday life. Plus, being coached by Diana was inspirational…a very positive experience! Each aspect of the programme was helpful for my personal and professional life. Thank you!
Stephanie Edwards, Nurse, United Kingdom, Switzerland

Diana became my coach in a phase when I was struggling with some huge decisions in my life. With simple but very efficient methods, she helped me to start listening to my true needs, my heart, my feelings and to shut off the negative self-talk in my mind. Within a few weeks, she helped me to become more self-confident in my daily life, aware of my fears, hopes, desires and true feelings. Thank you for everything. You did a great job!
Mirjam Krieger, Scientist & Researcher, Switzerland

I have personally witnessed the transformation resulting from The Brave-Hearted Confidence Coaching. My business peer has achieved such amazing growth and life-altering change through Diana’s coaching and program. At the start of the program, she was challenged in almost every aspect of her life – personal and professional. She did not have a clear vision of her future, was challenged to find motivation in living a healthy lifestyle, and honestly, was uncertain about her value in any organization and life in general. Today, she is the happiest, most confident I have ever seen her to be, and she has become the best “her” possible. She has a clear vision, unwavering focus, and ability to sell her business and self. She was fantastic before your program, but today she is an inspiration and example to so many of us.

I am a true believer of your program and will whole-heartedly and confidently recommend The Brave Hearted Confidence Coaching. What you achieve is truly beautiful and applicable to so many people around the world.”
Nina Felt, Human Resources Manager, United States

Diana has a great rhythm to her coaching. She knows exactly when to ask a deep rooted question and challenged me to look beyond the surface of what I was saying. Diana was a true partner, as a coach she built trust quickly and I could sense her support throughout the coaching relationship.
Diana’s pace was especially supportive for me as a client. She mirrored me and let me lead the direction of each coaching session while also giving me time to really reflect and think about the situations I would bring to our sessions. Her confirmations throughout the call and her ability to use silence and space during the coaching session was great.
I had really strong movement both personally and professionally as a result of my coaching with Diana. I have reflected often on my learnings from my sessions with Diana and I have continued to live up to the commitments I made to myself. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Diana and I will carry the learnings with me for a long time to come.
I would highly recommend Diana as a coach to anyone who is looking for a caring and authentic partner who can also help you deliver true results through the coaching relationship.
Nabeela Ixtabalan, Human Resources Manager, United States

I was very happy to have Diana as my coach. We worked several months covering a big variety of topics, mostly related to business development and marketing. Focused, precise, flexible, a good listener and a great thinking partner: these are just some of the qualities to mention. It was a good job, session after session, so I recommend Diana’s services to anyone who is ready to hire an high quality professional.
Alex Khrapov, Entrepreneur, Russia, Switzerland

I highly recommend Diana’s services. She is extremely practical and goes straight to the point, showing you options that you had never really considered. And above all, she is very caring and an excellent listener.
Eduardo Martins Occulate, Entrepreneur, Brasil

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