Feeling insecure at work? Do you want to advance in your career but you struggle to put yourself forward and be heard?

Advancing your career in corporate or academics can be tough. I’ve been there and I know how it feels when you have ambitions. You want to advance and influence and what you get is compromises and frustration.

And here’s the truth: standing up for yourself isn’t easy. When you combine negative self-talk with a male-dominated work environment, you get a real challenge. And if you want to succeed, information is not enough.

You need to feel confident, stand up for yourself and dare to ask. You need to know how to navigate your work environment successfully, because time is limited and frustration doesn’t help.

Maybe it’s an important project you’re trying to avoid discussing with your boss (and every day you put it off, your confidence drops another notch).
Or the presentation you have to give (but given the choice, you’d rather emigrate than have to go through with it).
Sometimes you feel no matter how much you prepare, you never feel ready.

We all have stuff in our carrer that makes us feel less confident, less comfortable, less — us. We can get caught up in a ball of confusion — when what we really want is clarity and confidence to act fast and act for our best interests. Sound familiar?


  • Struggle to put yourself forward and be heard — great projects don’t end up on your desk or you are never considered for a promotion.
  • Feel stressed or worried with the idea of presenting your ideas, dealing with superiors successfully, and navigating work politics.
  • Hustle to make things perfect but it seems nobody notices — and you so want to be recognised for your good, hard work.

I can feel the difference that Diana has made in my life – I feel happy, confident, with more self knowledge and awareness. And this helped me to make an informed and smart career change.
Mariana Ricca, Scientist & Researcher, Portugal, Switzerland

I can help.

I know how it feels when you have big dreams and work hard for them, just to watch them turn into big frustrations. I know you feel frustrated and disappointed. And I know that when you want to advance in a male-dominated environment, you have to deal with challenging situations.

I’m not scared to say what we all know — as women, we may play in the same field, but the rules aren’t the same. Being a bold woman who wants to advance means to be ready to show only your best profile. It means to be willing and prepared to ask for what you want and dealing with the negotiation successfully.

Because you need to be prepared if you want to achieve your goals. Opportunities don’t come every day. And being unprepared can cost you a lot.

I know how important it is to have a partner that can support you in advancing in your career — both in dealing with low self-confidence or in feeling like a fraud, while facing gender inequality in your work environment.

I had really strong movement both personally and professionally as a result of my coaching with Diana. I have reflected often on my learnings from my sessions with Diana and I have continued to live up to the commitments I made to myself. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Diana and I will carry the learnings with me for a long time to come.
I would highly recommend Diana as a coach to anyone who is looking for a caring and authentic partner who can also help you deliver true results through the coaching relationship.
Nabeela Ixtabalan, Human Resources Manager, United States

The Advance and Succeed Sessions are moments of problem-solving, strategy, and clarity.

Something easy that makes your life feel less complicated. And after the coaching session you will: 

  • Have more clarity about the obstacles you’re facing and how to overcome them successfully.
  • Feel empowered and relieved, knowing exactly how to deal with a difficult situation.
  • Start thinking in terms of a career plan and focusing on the solutions — instead of focusing on the problem.
  • Learn how to build successful partnerships that can help you in your career path.
  • Know how to become a successful woman in a male-dominated environment.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?

Book your Advance and Succeed session now. Let’s get to work on what’s holding you back.