When it comes to comparing yourself to others, you’re an expert — and your toughest critic.

But frankly, you’re . . .

  • TIRED of feeling frustrated because you missed YET ANOTHER opportunity in your career or business.
  • TIRED of holding yourself back because you’re afraid to fail.
  • TIRED of not feeling good enough.
  • And TIRED of compromising on your happiness.

But what would it mean to you if you could not only identify the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and challenge them, but turn them on their head?

Imagine . . .

  • how it’d feel to be brimming with confidence.
  • opening the door to A WHOLE NEW WORLD of possibilities.
  • feeling more focused, more balanced, and happier than you have a looong time (perhaps ever).
  • And imagine a world in which women know their worth, contribute generously and without fear of judgment, and make an impact in the world.

Life would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it?

Here’s the thing: You have a choice over how you live your life.

Which means that, even if you’ve been raised to believe that somehow, you’re not good enough, you have control over the story you tell yourself — and the power to prove people wrong.

It was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

I couldn’t have said it better — so often, WE are the biggest obstacle to our own success.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Confidence from the Core and most importantly Diana has made a real difference for me and I would encourage anyone doubting in self to try it and to work with her. In fact I have already recommended the program to friends and colleagues.
I joined the program feeling stuck, questioning self and my abilities, asking whether I was good enough. At the completion of the program I feel empowered, more confident and full of energy. And it’s been noticed by my surrounding too. I get great feedback in my professional and private life, I achieve more and I am happy. Thank you so much Diana!
Ola Potrykus-Majewska, Human Resources Manager, Poland, Switzerland

Confidence From The Core is a highly customised, 6-month coaching program for women who want to affirm themselves and lead from the inside out.

Using my ICF Certified Coaching and NLP training, I help shift your mindset in such a way that we break the subconscious chains that bind you and give you permission to live up to your FULLEST potential.

We do that by shining a light on what makes you special and unique, and writing a different, more empowering story for you — one you can own, 100%.

With a deeper sense of self-acceptance, you’ll be able to STOP wasting your energy on internal conflicts and USE that energy to create exactly what it is you want in your life. Plus, you’ll know how to handle challenges and setbacks with ease and grace.

I truly enjoyed the program and after having done it I feel that I am in a different stage of my life. I’ve learned how to challenge my negative self-talk and I’ve increased my confidence so much that I finally started my business that I’ve wanted to create for years.
Irene, Social Entrepreneur, Sweden

It’s true, this is transformational work.

And it’s not for everyone.

But if you’re a motivated learner who wants to STOP living a life that’s less than you deserve, and are ready to identify your truest, deepest desires and bring them to life, you’re here, you’re in the right place — and that’s what matters most.

The Confidence From The Core package includes:

  • THE DISCOVERY FORM to help you outline where you are, before we even get started.
  • THE CONFIDENCE WORKBOOK comprising 120 pages crammed full of coaching exercises & tips to build your confidence. It’s available in the online notebook version, which means you can reference it whenever you want.
  • THE PROGRESS NOTEBOOK, so you can review your progress week after week.
  • 10 x ONE-HOUR COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME to help you get unstuck and moving forward.
  • THE ONLINE COACHING JOURNAL, where I’ll regularly add notes from our coaching sessions to help you maximize what you’ve learned.
  • WEEKLY REVISIONS of your Confidence Workbook: I’ll go through your answers and create ad-hoc coaching assignments, especially for you.
  • CUSTOMISED SUPPORT, COACHING AND NLP EXERCISES to help you advance quickly so that you can feel happier, sooner.

I’m fully committed to getting you EXACTLY where you want to be.

The question is: Are you? If you are, this is what we’ll cover together over the course of the next 6 months:

Module 1 – Discover Yourself
This first module is all about self-identity. I’ll guide you to explore who you are, how you see yourself, and which guiding values currently dictate your decisions every day.
Module 2 – Accept Yourself
This powerful module dives deep into self-esteem. We’ll evaluate your negative self-talk and reprogram your beliefs so that you can respond positively to life’s challenges and make decisions that support your goals. This module will change the way you see yourself and enable you to finally accept who you really are.
Module 3 – Value Yourself
This module focuses around self-confidence. You’ll explore your definition of confidence, competence, success, as well as what really matters to you. You’ll set your boundaries and your goals, step away from perfectionism, and identify what you want, once ‘n’ for all, so you can go right after it!
Module 4 – Love Yourself
This module looks at self-love and how you can learn to fall in love with yourself, stop playing the victim and become a winner instead. We’ll embolden that brave heart of yours, and figure out the next steps you need to take in order to live a life filled with happiness.

You’ll walk away with . . .

  • a deeper knowledge and appreciation of yourself.
  • a better relationship with yourself — and with other people, as a result (both personally and professionally).
  • your life on the right track with a purpose in line with your abilities, personality, and personal interests.
  • a life that is fuller, more positive, and more successful.
  • ready-to-use tools and strategies to deal with common life situations so that you can continue to develop your confidence even after the program is finished.

And you’ll . . .

  • know how to put your own needs FIRST . . . and actually feel GOOD about it.
  • be able to pinpoint your value without comparing yourself to others.
  • believe in your abilities, in your work, and in the value that you bring.
  • no longer overthink things and instead use your energy to fuel you towards achieving your goals.
  • use failure to your advantage by learning from your mistakes instead of misinterpreting them as a direct reflection of your worth.
  • feel clear about what you want and what you DON’T want.
  • know and respect your limits (which means other people will, too).

The outcome one gets from this coaching program is invaluable.
Ilze, Business Development Manager, Latvia, Switzerland

Ready to invest in your future? Here are your next steps:

  • Fill the Starting Out Form and book your Discovery Session.
  • Get immediate access to your Confidence Workbook: an online notebook delivered straight to you.
  • You can start digging into the course immediately and, after our first coaching session, you’ll start working through the exercises on each module.
  • At the end of each module, and after each session, you’ll complete your Progress Book.
  • At the times scheduled, we’ll meet or hop on Skype for our 10 coaching sessions.
  • Together, we’ll review your progresses in the final coaching session.
  • You get to work through four bonus worksheets that’ll keep you on track even after the program has finished!

Book your confidence from the core package now. You are only one step away from becoming the confident, fulfilled and caring woman you were always destined to be.

CHF1600six months in one payment
CHF1900six months in one payment