How to stop being a perfectionist

This post is dedicated to all the women who work hard, give a lot and never spare a kind work. With this post I hope to make a little miracle happen, to help you seeing how amazing and beautiful you are. To finally ask something for yourself.

Perfectionism is the (unrealistic) expectation that generates the feeling of being never good enough.

It’s the reason why you don’t manage to stand up for yourself, be who you are and go after your goals. It’s the reason that keeps you struggling and running in high heels, trying to make it all. So you end up struggling to meet expectations, hustling and even blaming yourself for all the things you didn’t manage to do. And you wonder if you are good enough. I hear you.

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How to achieve what you want in your career or business

In this post I talk about how you can manage professional relationships with confidence and ease. The focus in on how you can achieve your goals, saying no and maintain a good relationship, and avoid wasting time in doing what doesn’t serve you.

Today I am going to talk about how you can get clear on what you want professionally and keep focused on it while moving forward. So that you can accomplish more, feel accomplished (it’s not the same) and grow professional relationships that really serve you. Professional relationships don’t come with a user guide and they can be challenging. Especially, I am thinking about those moments when you are asked or offered something and you know it’s not exactly what you want. But you’re afraid of saying no and having other people not liking it – or not liking you. So you may say yes, and get off track or even finding yourself wasting time in something that is not interesting for you. 

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Being a woman, making a difference

In this post, I talk about the current situation for women who want to make an impact, influence and lead. What women need to do and what companies need to do to support the evolution of the gender roles towards something that can be more effective and serve us all better.

Low self-confidence, money blocks, regular human bodies, fear of being disapproved, hardships from the past and gender roles. These are just some of the difficulties women have to deal with. Not to mention fear of failure, fear of success, fear of visibility, fear of speaking up, for the ones who want to make an impact, influence and lead. 

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A resilient response to adverse events is not devoid of emotion. Expect to feel bad when bad things happen to you. Trying to put on a brave face usually means you’re attempting to suppress how you really feel, which signals incomplete emotional processing of the adverse experience and then leaves you poorly prepared for the next one.

Being resilient means being flexible, so you’re not stuck in your negative feelings, they don’t paralyse you. Remember that you feel as you think and changing how you think changes how you feel, thereby reducing the frequency, intensity and duration of your negative feelings.

Michael Neenan

How to control your feelings and stop being controlled by them

In this article I talk about how you can take responsibility over your feelings and stop being a victim of them. With this simple exercise, coming from cognitive therapy, you can unstuck yourself and choose beliefs and solutions that serve you better.

Do you know those situations when you feel stuck, powerless and maybe even a victim of a specific environment, person or behaviour? Like, if you have a problem with the way your boss treats you, or the way a family member has opinions on what you should do with your life? Those situations that make you trigger and it seems like you can’t prevent yourself from reacting in a specific way or feeling what you feel – and blaming yourself later.

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