How much do you deserve?

It’s not about how much you want something, it’s about whether you think you deserve it or not.

I know I say this all the time, but seriously THE MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. What we believe about ourselves deep down is visible outside. It impacts our posture and behaviours, determining how we treat ourselves and how we’re considered and treated by others. The inner critics putting you down all the time, the limiting beliefs that tell you what’s possible and what’s not can be very expensive. They literally create your reality and the options you (think you) have: how you treat yourself, what you ask for, what you accept and tolerate, what you decline.

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Are you afraid of becoming confident?

Many women who experience low self-confidence know this feeling: they deeply want to become confident and at the same time they’re very scared about it. When they think about what would be possible in their lives if they’d love and affirm themselves, you can see that special spark in their eyes. Then the negative self-talk set in and they start being concerned about the potential consequences.

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Self-confidence, posture and success

Don’t shrink, don’t puff up, just be yourself.

Brené Brown

Achieving self-confidence and self-esteem is all about doing the inner work. The work that makes us more self-aware, brings us closer to ourselves and listen. So that we can take our needs seriously, commit to get them satisfied – because we deserve it – and finally achieve the inner peace that comes with loving ourselves. It’s about building a solid base to a glorious life.

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How to stop being a victim

The victim mindset has a limiting and negative impact on a lot of women. If you’re stuck in this type of mindset, it will impact the way you see yourself and lower your self-esteem. It’ll impact the way you think, feel and behave in the world, leading you to be a victim again. This is why, if you want to be able to achieve your goals and live a bold life, switching to a winner mindset is mandatory.

Have you ever seen a woman who spends a lot of energy in blaming others and herself about what happened to her and explaining that this is why her life is destined to be a failure? A woman who seems to have a lot of bad luck and to be surrounded by manipulators and other people who keep taking advantage of her? Have you ever been that woman? I was and I know how hard it can be to stop being a victim. If you feel the same, this post is for you.

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Are you a people pleaser?

If you are a people pleaser, you are used to behave as if you were worth less than others. You adapt to what others want – or what you think they want. But what’s behind this behaviour and how can you overcome it? With this exercise, I help you to get more clarity and make the first steps forward.

In this post I’m talking about what it means to be a people pleaser, from the perspective of a recovered one (myself). I’m talking about all those moments when you hold yourself back and choose to behave how you think it’s expected from you. When you say what you think others want to hear, when you behave in a way that is likeable on purpose – in some cases, just to regret it later. When you don’t express preferences, opinions and don’t set boundaries. Oh, I’ve done this for such a long time – and I still catch myself doing it sometimes.

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