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How to stop being a perfectionist

This post is dedicated to all the women who work hard, give a lot and never spare a kind work. With this post I hope to make a little miracle happen, to help you seeing how amazing and beautiful you are. To finally ask something for yourself.

Perfectionism is the (unrealistic) expectation that generates the feeling of being never good enough.

It’s the reason why you don’t manage to stand up for yourself, be who you are and go after your goals. It’s the reason that keeps you struggling and running in high heels, trying to make it all. So you end up struggling to meet expectations, hustling and even blaming yourself for all the things you didn’t manage to do. And you wonder if you are good enough. I hear you.

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A conversation about women empowerment

In this spontaneous conversation with Caroline from The Happy Sensitive we talk about Women Empowerment. Passing through confidence, sensitivity, awareness, authenticity, dealing with emotions and standing up for yourself, we talk about the need for women to finally accept and embrace who they are as the first step for empowerment.

This conversation is adorable and full of insights. You’ll see two coaches who work with women, for women, every day and the passion of being there for you. Enjoy!


How to give yourself the permission to shine

This post is for all the women who keep living a life made of compromises, coping strategies and dissatisfaction and still believe that this is what life is supposed to be. It’s for all the women who, consciously or unconsciously, think they can’t overcome their past wounds and hold back. For the ones who rationalise and tell themselves stories about where they come from and where they are meant to go, as if the past will be the future and nothing can be changed

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Acceptance, resistance and letting it go

Self-acceptance is what will free you from the chains of low self-confidence. In this article, I talk about what happens before acceptance, that is resistance. Because changing a belief that you hold since you were a kid can change your whole life. And the good news? It will.

There’s a step in the path to self-confidence that is the less liked. Every woman passes through it before moving to the space of loving themselves, feeling confident and finally living a life that is no longer based on compromises. I experienced it too.

I am talking about what happens before the phase of self-acceptance: resistance. Resistance to accept who you are and that it’s enough.

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