The journey

When it comes to success, I was a mess. I struggled for a long time to become a grounded, successful adult.

I knew what I didn’t want and I started hustling for a life with less efforts and less of those sad compromises I was seeing around me. You know, the ones that partially satisfy your needs and keep you stuck in a state of constant frustration and disappointment. I didn’t want a life made of that. 

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Is low self-confidence affecting your life?

I am asked this question several times per day and in this article I want to give you an answer. If you recognise yourself in what I am describing here, chances are that low self-confidence and low self-esteem are affecting your life and preventing you from getting what you want. Here I explain you why it’s time to do something for it.

Until fear of failure can be moderated, a woman who fears that she isn’t or won’t be good enough will not be able to take pleasure in living.  

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Acceptance, resistance and letting it go

Self-acceptance is what will free you from the chains of low self-confidence. In this article, I talk about what happens before acceptance, that is resistance. Because changing a belief that you hold since you were a kid can change your whole life. And the good news? It will.

There’s a step in the path to self-confidence that is the less liked. Every woman passes through it before moving to the space of loving themselves, feeling confident and finally living a life that is no longer based on compromises. I experienced it too.

I am talking about what happens before the phase of self-acceptance: resistance. Resistance to accept who you are and that it’s enough.

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What is confidence for you?

Feeling confident is a very subjective feeling. You know when you feel confident and when you don’t. But what does it mean for you concretely?

If you’ve been struggling with low self-confidence or self-esteem for a while, you probably have already tried something to overcome them. Many women read books and attend workshops looking for confidence tips and I think it’s a great first step. I also know that as much as reading books is great, it won’t be enough to solve the problem. Because we can only solve the problem if we work on it (more on this in my approach to solve low self-confidence). So with this exercise I want to help you to get some clarity on what low self-confidence is for you.

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