How to give yourself the permission to shine

This post is for all the women who keep living a life made of compromises, coping strategies and dissatisfaction and still believe that this is what life is supposed to be. It’s for all the women who, consciously or unconsciously, think they can’t overcome their past wounds and hold back. For the ones who rationalise and tell themselves stories about where they come from and where they are meant to go, as if the past will be the future and nothing can be changed

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Start where you are

One of the most important lessons I learnt in my life is how to start over when everything falls apart. The end is a new beginning, isn’t it? So when what I did for most of my life stopped working for me, when my low self-confidence paired with feeling like a fraud brought me to a breakdown, I understood it was time for a change. 

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Hey, Brave Hearted

Hello Brave Hearted, this is the first post of the new website and I am glad you followed me from Coaching Spot.

The Brave-Hearted is the project I deeply wanted for a long time, being scared and excited when I talked about doing a meaningful change, using my energies to bring something beautiful to the world.

I started to look for a sense in life when I was very young. During my path so far this sense evolved, and a certain point I recognised a basic truth – basic and truth for me of course – it was melted with my needs. This is what I called “sense”. The thing I was looking for in that specific period of my life.

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