How I started a confidence coaching business

Hello Brave Hearted, this is the first post of the new website and I am glad you followed me from Coaching Spot.

The Brave-Hearted is the project I deeply wanted for a long time, being scared and excited when I talked about doing a meaningful change, using my energies to bring something beautiful to the world.

I started to look for a sense in life when I was very young. During my path so far this sense evolved, and a certain point I recognised a basic truth – basic and truth for me of course – it was melted with my needs. This is what I called “sense”. The thing I was looking for in that specific period of my life.

Today, this is another, different period in my life. I’ve been coaching people for a while and my need of creating something beautiful in the world started pushing my back some years ago. Before, I arrived exactly where I wanted to be: I became a successful digital marketing specialist, working for a big, international company in the heart of Switzerland. Looking back to my challenging past, looking at what I have achieved without possibilities and jumping from an obstacle to another, this looked like something extraordinary. But it took me a long time to recognise that, before I kept feeling a fraud ans suffering low self-confidence, while people said I was a brilliant expert. I managed to become an extra trained, overachiever woman with a life that everyone else defined as successful.

I started wondering what success was for me and I soon realised that a successful day is a day full of happiness – or at least, some happiness. The hard truth is that what made me happy and fulfilled me before, started to make me unhappy and helpless every day. But I couldn’t admit it to myself. The thing I built with so many efforts became simply plain and without a sense to me. It looked like a sickness.

Until it became a sickness, when I refused to accept it. I was scared. My strategy, the one that always worked before (I can cope with everything, no matter what) stopped working and I kept pushing. And then, a breakdown came to say hello!.

This is how my journey started, with something that looked like the end – or the beginning.

It depends on how you look at things.

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