A conversation about women empowerment

In this spontaneous conversation with Caroline from The Happy Sensitive we talk about Women Empowerment. Passing through confidence, sensitivity, awareness, authenticity, dealing with emotions and standing up for yourself, we talk about the need for women to finally accept and embrace who they are as the first step for empowerment.

This conversation is adorable and full of insights. You’ll see two coaches who work with women, for women, every day and the passion of being there for you. Enjoy!


You deserve more: here’s why

Low self-confidence and self-esteem are responsible for a low life quality for women, and in the long run they can lead to burn-out and depression. There’s actually a direct correlation between the two. Hence, my commitment to raise awareness for women, to inform them (hem, you) that even if you learnt to live life one way, it doesn’t have to be that way. And also, helping you to concretely learn another way of living, full of confidence and being yourself. There’s a lot of work on self-beliefs and self-acceptance to empower women in my daily job. 

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How to start living your purpose when you don’t feel ready

Living your purpose can be exciting and scary at the same time. Especially, because people around you will have the tendency to keep you where you are for reasons of so-called safety and security. If you really want to realise your purpose, you need to be clear about it, to love what you do and believe that your dream is achievable. In this post I guide you through the 3 steps to get there.

We need to hear women’s voices. We need their powerful contribution, we need their inspiration. We need to encourage women to stand up for themselves and have the courage of their convictions.

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How to give yourself the permission to shine

This post is for all the women who keep living a life made of compromises, coping strategies and dissatisfaction and still believe that this is what life is supposed to be. It’s for all the women who, consciously or unconsciously, think they can’t overcome their past wounds and hold back. For the ones who rationalise and tell themselves stories about where they come from and where they are meant to go, as if the past will be the future and nothing can be changed

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