Low self-confidence and self-esteem are responsible for a low life quality for women, and in the long run they can lead to burn-out and depression. There’s actually a direct correlation between the two. Hence, my commitment to raise awareness for women, to inform them (hem, you) that even if you learnt to live life one way, it doesn’t have to be that way. And also, helping you to concretely learn another way of living, full of confidence and being yourself. There’s a lot of work on self-beliefs and self-acceptance to empower women in my daily job. 

And it’s crystal clear to me that the mindset is everything. Everything else is logistic. We can always get information and find solutions for the logistic. What we can’t do is to go further than where we think we can, get more than what we think we deserve. We set the standard, act upon it, show others what’s our value. A value we determine.

We’ve been raised with an idea of deserving this or that, or what we should content ourselves with, what we shouldn’t ask for and the sacrifices we are expected to make. Until we make the decision of taking full responsibility over our lives, our choices, our actions and reactions, we fly with the automatic pilot in life. We don’t make things happen, but things will happen to us.

Of course society has a role in this. As women, we’ve been somehow raised to be a bit less than. That’s whey it’s even more important to make conscious choices about it.


Until one woman in our family tree makes the decision of breaking the chain learnt beliefs and opens to new possibilities, everything will be passed from a generation to another will little or no change. Because we’ve learnt this when we were children. We absorbed it without questioning. And, concretely, we’re still struggling in defending a woman’s work, her right to earn as much as a man. We still expect that women can content themselves with less. As Babcock and Laschever say:

“It’s essential to remember that the restraints placed on women are ‘socially constructed’. They aren’t physical principles like the law of gravity or mathematical principles which can’t be altered. They are products of our cultures and our ideas about the roles that men and women should play. They can be loosened and changed completely if we want them to change.”

They can be changed completely if we want them to change. Today women are often putting themselves in a condition of economical weakness that makes them dependent from others. In terms of money, power, freedom to choose. Being often (or thinking to be) the weak side of a negotiating, they accept a lot less than they deserve and pay the high cost of not asking for more in their personal and professional lives.I believe that we need women’s contribution and their fresh view on things. Also, I believe in the value that you, as a woman, can bring to the table. My commitment is to help women to become strong and bold and shape the life they want. For us and for the next generation of women to come.

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