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Living freely, staying true

The darkness shapes my light

The friction of light on dark shapes wisdom

The dance of life

Kofi Debrah

Acceptance, resistance and letting it go

Self-acceptance is what will free you from the chains of low self-confidence. In this article, I talk about what happens before acceptance, that is resistance. Because changing a belief that you hold since you were a kid can change your whole life. And the good news? It will.

There’s a step in the path to self-confidence that is the less liked. Every woman passes through it before moving to the space of loving themselves, feeling confident and finally living a life that is no longer based on compromises. I experienced it too.

I am talking about what happens before the phase of self-acceptance: resistance. Resistance to accept who you are and that it’s enough.

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Our stories of worthiness – of being enough – begin in our first families.

What we learn about ourselves and how we learn to engage with the world as children sets a course that either will require us to spend a significant part of our life fighting to reclaim our self-worth or will give us hope, courage and resilience for our journey.

Brené Brown