Self-confidence, posture and success

Don’t shrink, don’t puff up, just be yourself.

Brené Brown

Achieving self-confidence and self-esteem is all about doing the inner work. The work that makes us more self-aware, brings us closer to ourselves and listen. So that we can take our needs seriously, commit to get them satisfied – because we deserve it – and finally achieve the inner peace that comes with loving ourselves. It’s about building a solid base to a glorious life.

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Dare to dream and you will achieve

Lately I’m having so many conversations about what it takes. What it takes to achieve your dreams, how to understand if you’ve a chance to achieve what you want, when it makes sense to pursue your goals.

Now, if you ask me, the answer to that is: always. It makes always sense to pursue your goals and stay connected with what keeps you alive, stimulated and motivated. There’s no question about that.  If the question is if you can make a living doing what you’re really passionate about, well, this is a different question. But whether you can transform your passion into your business or not, you shouldn’t quit your passion.

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Making space for success

A new year has just started, it’s the perfect time for reflection and I want to lift up this idea of making space for success in your life.

When we talk about making space for success, there are different aspects we need to look at:

  • The first one is making space to be yourself and believe that you deserve to achieve your goals.
  • The second one is making space in your professional environment.
  • The third one is making space in society for yourself and other successful women.
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